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When people come in looking for food trucks, pet grooming trucks, or mobile boutique trucks — they often don’t know what they need or where to begin. They get lost in the weeds on things like how big it needs to be, what things the truck needs, and how to follow the state laws and codes. We understand all of it, and with a detailed understanding of your business, we work to ensure the mobile business truck we create is the one you need.

Designing and building a custom truck is similar to opening a new location for your business. It’s an investment in your future success. From small-town fairs to big-city events, your competitors are meeting people where they’re at. Businesses can’t rely on people to come to them anymore. Now, they have to meet the customers where they’re at to survive.

The Russell Barnett Ford Family has been in business in Tullahoma, TN for 41 years. Bob Trewyn, the Commercial Sales Manager, attended the Spring 2017 NTEA Truck Show, where Morgan Olson introduced the first Foundation Food Truck. Bob knew it would be a hit and was all in when he saw it. Within a year, Russell Barnett Ford became the largest stocking dealer of Foundation Food Trucks. Bob has been handling upfitters from New York to California and selling trucks to most major upfitters in the United States. In 2020, he brought on Greg Knox to help cover the rest of the United States. Now we sell to over 30 upfitters and numerous other Ford Dealers in the U.S.


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EP 122 - Bob Trewyn, Why You SHOULDN’T Buy A Used Food Truck
If you’re building out a food truck, you’re going to spend the same amount on your kitchen whether you upfit it into an old heap or a brand new chassis. So why invest all that money into something that could prove to be unreliable? Does that sound like a good business decision?

Bob Trewyn is the Commercial Sales Manager at Russell Barnett Ford of Tullahoma and believes in commitment to his trade, to his dealer, to his manufacturer, to his product, and most of all, to his customer. He truly loves what he does, and therefore is constantly searching for the knowledge to provide his customers with a level of service that will set him apart from all others in his field.
But most of all, he believes in providing his customers with the very best buying experience ever, and always being there to answer their questions and address their concerns, needs, and problems in the most professional way possible.
What You Will Learn:
  • How Bob got into the food truck slignin’ business trying to convert people to build food trucks on new chassis instead of using used vehicles
  • What exactly is the Foundation Food Truck and how does it  differ from other chassis
  • The difference between a food truck builder that’s a fabricator or an assembler
  • What makes the Foundation Food Truck easier to drive than most food trucks
  • How going new versus used can help eliminate some hardships for food truck owners
  • Why networking is so crucial and necessary to growing your business
Favorite Quote:
“They trade them in because they’re worn out. Most of your used trucks are going to have anywhere from 100, 200, to 300,000 miles on them.”
-Bob Trewyn
How To Get Involved:
Patrick Bolanos is a serial entrepreneur, business owner, and CEO of Trailer King Builders in Houston, Texas.

He was raised in Nicaragua, exposed to extreme poverty, and also had the fortune of being exposed to life in the United States traveling back and forth to both countries.
After college, Patrick’s career took him into the corporate world of banking where he learned the important lessons of understanding what you’re selling and why it’s important to believe in it.

Back in December of 2017, Patrick was fired from his job as a CFO for a Restaurant Group.  With only $500 to his name, rent due, his wife, 3 children at home, and one on the way, he was forced to figure out how to pull his family out of this financial abyss that was strangling his life.

With no knowledge of how to build a trailer, Patrick simply figured all of it out and has now built it into the thriving empire of what’s now become Trailer King Builders.


We’re here for you in the:

  •  Foundational selection
  • ​ Designing stages
  • ​ Up-fitter buildout
  •  ​Menu/Food Truck capabilities
  • ​ State/local laws and codes
  •  ​Loan process
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“Bob and his team at Russell Barnett Ford of Tullahoma did a phenomenal job by developing a product that fits, like a glove, into the Food Trucks industry. As a builder, it is a pleasure building a commercial kitchen into a space that is designed from the start to house such a setup. Bob and his team are constantly touching base with the builders they work with, and they always address any matter big or small.”
— Sharone Klinger, Master Chef Mobile Kitchens Inc., Hicksville, NY
“We provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to visualize and design their ideal mobile kitchen and make their dream a reality. We’re skilled in the fabrication, assembly, and creation of beautiful mobile kitchens, food trucks, and concession trailers. We've been working with Bob and Russell Barnett Ford, and they have been exceptional in service and timing in supplying the unit. They stand behind everything they do.”
— Thomas Allen, 7730 Pinemont Drive, Houston, Texas 77040
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