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Taking your business to your customers can put you STREETS ahead of the competition.
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Southern Middle Tennessee is embracing the “bring it to me” world. In today’s ultra-competitive market, you can’t just hang out the proverbial shingle and hope people come to you. That’s why mobile businesses like food trucks resonate with business owners and customers alike.
Part of the community

Custom Food Trucks Let You Be Part of the Entire Community

Russell Barnett understands that mobile businesses like yours are an entirely different breed of business. You are proud enough of your products and services that you are willing to take your business to your customers.

Furthermore, food trucks and other mobile businesses can participate in a wide variety of local and regional events. You’re not just relying on people to come to your fixed location. You’re getting out there and participating in your community! With your custom food truck, you can

  • Reach new customers every day
  • Eclipse the competition by meeting customers where they are,
    granting them tremendous convenience
  • Go wherever the action is and be an important part of your community

Take your brand directly to your customers and make it easy for them. That’s how you make a profit in today’s business climate. 
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How Does the Process of Getting Your
Custom Food Truck Work?

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Custom built

Custom Builds Adapt to Your Needs, Not the Other Way Around

Every business is different, including mobile businesses. Our job is to make sure that you get the exact, best-outfitted mobile business truck you need so you can focus on success.

We start out by listening to you. We want to know everything you need for your custom truck. With this information, we can help you choose the best chassis size for your needs. Then, we send that chassis foundation to our authorized upfitters and builders to finish creating the customized truck for your needs.

We are committed to getting you the exact custom truck you need for your business.

  • Your truck is custom-made and built-to-order to meet the needs of your mobile business.
  • ​We work one-on-one with you and our up-fitters and builders from start to finish.
  • Air conditioning, custom front end, power mirrors, design, and more customization.

Chassis and Foundation

Unlike most food truck dealers, we keep chassis in stock.

During our initial meeting, we’re able to identify exactly what you need for your mobile business. From there, we can find the right chassis foundation for your food truck. Unlike most dealers, we have chassis in stock and on hand. Most other dealerships that offer food truck or mobile business buildouts have to outsource and get foundations from other dealers like us. We have things in stock, giving you a variety and a lower price.

Depending on your needs, your chassis can include: 

  • RV Mirrors
  • ​AC
  • ​Cruise Control
  • ​Luxury Driver's Seat
  • ​Jump Seat
  • ​Stereo With Bluetooth
  • ​Navigation & Back-Up Cameras
  • ​Curb Cameras
  • ​Additional Step
  • ​Stylish Wheel Covers
  • ​and More

Successful businesses are the ones with the exact tools and equipment necessary to deliver the products and services that customers want. Don’t settle for anything less. 
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