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Start off on the right "Foot"

You want a truck design that fits your specific mobile business needs. We offer a range of truck sizes designed for the smallest to the largest mobile businesses. Our designs are available in 14', 16', 18', 20', 22', and 24' models.

Selecting the right size ensures you have the space you need without paying for extra space that you don’t need. Browse through the different truck sizes we offer, and contact us if you have any questions.

The Perfect Size Truck for Your Business

We offer six different truck sizes so every business can get the size they need. Click on the size that fits your needs. 
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70+ Trucks on Order

We fill our inventory with the Morgan Olson brand. We only stock our dealership with quality foundations and chassis. We believe the Morgan Olson brand is standard-setting quality. They’re an industry leader for mobile business trucks, so we only use their brand.

In addition to a quality chassis, they provide an extra 3 inches in their trucks. The average food truck chassis is 93 inches wide, but Morgan Olson’s trucks are 96 inches wide. Three inches doesn’t sound like a lot, but it changes everything. Major brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Chili’s trust Morgan Olson, and we do, too.

  • ​Trusted by several national brands
  • ​An extra 3 inches in width compared to other leading truck brands
  • ​With 1.5” stud walls, you’ll have 93” of buildable space
  • ​Heavy-duty, reinforced extruded “H” sidewall studs with pre-drilled wire chase holes
  • ​Heavy-duty Roof Beam Supports
  • ​Durable Curb-Side Sedan Door
  • ​Reduce Rework by 25%
  • ​Reinforced Roof & Sidewalls
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